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The City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country dating back to the early 1900’s where it was formed alongside other disciplines catered for at the Birmingham Athletic Institute in the centre of Birmingham on John Bright Street. During the formative and prime years of the B.A.I Mens Gymnastics Club’s existence it was responsible for producing individual apparatus and overall national medallists; an Adams Shield(British senior mens team championships) winning team; national and honorary national coaches; nine national judges and seven brevet (International) judges. In later years the establishment of a Womens Artistic section eventually led to the production of a few individual, national and international performance medallists and two brevet womens judges during the mid eighties and early nineties. A later edition of a rhythmic section to the club’s profile further enhanced its profile when they in turn also provided national and international performers to the ranks of the club’s success. An in-depth history of the development of the Birmingham Athletic Institute from 1866 – 1992 can be read in the published work ‘B.A.I.: the Birmingham Athletic Institute Remembered’ by Irene Waterman ISBN: 1858580064 9781858580067.
A change in local authority sporting policy in 1987 brought about the agreed change of name to ‘City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club.’ The change of name was a lengthy and grieving discussion process for those long-standing members, at the time, as it meant the transfer and loss of a recognised name in British Gymnastics and indeed internationally with the many competitive club friendships it had formed over many years. Nonetheless, the emotional downside was weighed off against the potential support on offer from Birmingham City Council’s newly formed Leisure Services ‘Sports Development’ Section; and so the name change of City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club was formerly voted in.
The club has a dedicated team of coaches who hold nominal positions for leading on Discipline specific areas i.e. Womens Artistic; Mens Artistic; Rhythmic and Tumbling. There are over 100 competitive members in the club all of whom are underpinned by a much larger base of over 1500 hundred gymnasts that collectively stem from General; Preschool (Gymfants) and Adults class programmes, all staffed and organised by a team of GMAC Gymnastics Coaches and administrative Staff.